All of Us

All of Us

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Large and Forgetful

The title refers to me, large and forgetful. I feel like I got a lot larger this week, am really straining my clothes and even from my point of view, my belly sticks further out horizontally. Perhaps the baby has dropped some, so it is lower and sticking out more, but it doesn't feel like it. In addition, I've had heartburn the past few days. Last night it was bad during the night, so I took Tums, which coat my mouth with a most disgusting taste, which is still there today, 18 hours later, even after brushing and flossing.

The forgetful part actually refers to last week, when not once, but twice, I forgot to pick up a child at the right time and place. The first incident was when I went to pick up D from soccer practice at 4:45pm, and was alarmed to see that no one was there, only to then realize that it was Tuesday, not Monday, and I was supposed to have picked him up at 4:00pm from a trombone lesson at a different location. He was rather annoyed with me, especially since I laughed when I told him why I was an hour late.

The second incident was Thursday, when I picked up J from her piano lesson and took her to her soccer game, an unusual occurrence on a weeknight. Usually she stays until both her piano lesson and I's are done and I pick them both up. Then I took L to his soccer practice, and was heading home, when D called me from home to say that the piano teacher had called and was wondering when I planned to come back and get I. Her lesson had ended 30 minutes earlier. I think I confused myself into thinking I'd already done the piano lesson pickup, since normally I only go there twice, not 3 times. Ugh! I was mortified and had to apologize profusely to the piano teacher. I was nonplussed, however.

I think I am trying to do to many things at once!

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