All of Us

All of Us

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Frantic Nesting

With 5 official weeks of pregnancy to go, probably 6, I have entered the frantic nesting phase.

I have the following goals to complete before this baby arrives:

1) Christmas shopping--I have actually begun, have 5 extended family gifts, most of K's (toddlers are easy), and finally some ideas for the rest of the crew. D. and I have decided that our gift to one another will be a new bed! We are sleeping on a saggy, almost 10 year old mattress and box springs, on the floor. Very collegish, but now that we are 40 and 41, married for 17 years, perhaps it is time to acquire an actual bedframe/headboard and new mattress/boxsprings to go with it.

2) Clean basement refrigerator--I refuse to state how long it has been, but can you say EWWWWW?

3) Clean out medicine closet--I have a very deep long closet in the bathroom with 3 shelves, most of which can't be reached, extremely dusty and full of stuff I don't need or is outdated. I have been waiting for allergy season to end before tackling this, since I was sneezing so much already.

4) Complete filing--I have a year's worth of kid papers that I am saving that need to go into their individual files.

5) Catch up on photo albums--about a year behind.

6) Put away outgrown clothes into totes--currently they are in garbage bags awaiting sorting and putting away.

Sounds like a lot, but refrigerator and medicine closet are each one day jobs, filing also. Photo albums could be 3-5 evenings worth and clothes, let's say 2-3 days. Problem is, most of these chores can't be done with K awake, and I need to nap when he does. I have arranged a babysitter to do some of the Christmas shopping.

Tonight I made a seasonal favorite, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Sounds weird, but they are SO good! Have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like them. A soft cookie and the chips usually remain soft as well, slightly cinnamon--MMMMM!

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