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All of Us

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Recently Chris at The Big Yellow House and Gretchen at A House Full of Boys posted pictures of their neighborhoods in fall color. Inspired by them, here is a photo of the old stone wall in front of my house (SE Michigan)--at the end of the driveway, actually, and some of the colorful trees around it. It was more dramatic, but many of the leaves have already fallen off these trees before I got out there to take the photo.

These are photos of my 2 sweeties who are at home during the day, T and K, in the leaves.

Fall is my favorite season, and all of the time I lived in Arizona I longed for it each October in a physical way. It just felt wrong for it to be 95-100 until Halloween. I am so happy that we have returned to Michigan!


Emilman said...

Beautiful fall picture, adorable kids, and an all around nice blog.

Chris said...

Beautiful stone wall and house. I love old houses :-)

And those kids are pretty cute too!

Kathy said...

Paula, you are so lucky. What an incredible sight. Your house and property is just lovely. I just love the stone wall:-) Now go have that baby will you.LOL

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