All of Us

All of Us

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Treating myself Right and Wacked Out Thursday

On Monday I had a massage with a certified prenatal massage therapist. It was lovely, and she said I'm in great shape. My lower back has been hurting some of the time, and it was tight, but not too bad. This inspired me to do something else I've been wanting to do, get a belly portrait of myself taken while pregnant. I look really great right now, large belly but thin extremities, no swelling, nice tan. People have been commenting on it. So I made an appointment to have it taken in 2 weeks--hope I still look great then!

Last weekend D and I went to a huge antiques show. We were looking for a piece of furniture to hold our stereo and CDs. Currently the stereo sits on top of an antique buffet/sideboard that I inherited from my grandparents, which I want to put my antique pitcher and washbowl on. We didn't find anything that was the right size, style and price, but I stumbled on an old photograph, late 1800s, of a woman in a long white gown holding her baby. It is somewhat beat up, but large, 13x19", and very beautiful. It is perfect for our house, which was built in 1862. So we bought it, and looked for an antique frame but couldn't find one we could agree on. All in all it was a nice date, but I was exhausted when we got home from all of that walking. Then my mother-in-law came for a visit, to see our new car. It is always nice to see her, and she stayed for dinner, which was delicious: beef on the grill rotisserie, caesar salad and crusty french bread.

Our oldest is at 7th grade camp this week, and it seems very different without him. He comes home tomorrow. We have missed him! I hope he isn't too grouchy--I'm sure he'll be worn out.

I'm renaming Thursday: Wacked out Thursday. Everyone is exhausted and has just about had enough by Thursday night, so there is usually lots of fighting and crying.

Today my stupid dogs ran away--the invisible fence isn't working due to a break in the line. I got home in the early afternoon, and they were gone. I took a nap, and was awakened by J telling me that the telephone man was here. Not expecting any repairman, I hurried out. He had the dogs in the cab of his truck. He'd found them about 1/2 mile down the very busy road we live on, laying next to a deer carcass. I'm not sure if they killed it or not, although it is certainly a possibility. If they did they are very lucky, because it is illegal for dogs to run deer down here and it is legal for someone to SHOOT the dogs for doing so! Anyway, they were exhausted and filthy.

J felt sorry for them and put their food and water dishes right next to their dog pillows. The food and water are supposed to be kept outside to keep K out of them. Sure enough, not long after that, K dumped the water bowl on the floor, and not long after that I slipped in the spilled water and fell. K was right behind me, and so before I could even begin to wipe it up (after picking myself up) HE slipped and fell, got his backside all wet and hit his head. All of this led me to tell D that we should go out to dinner.

We attended a school open house first, and so it was after 7pm when we arrived at the restaurant. I had fed K before we left, but he will usually eat twice without hesitation. He was in a very unruly mood, however, and was screaming, and when let out of his high chair kept running along the bench of the round booth we were in, then began playing on floor under the table. At this point, D was done, and took him outside while the rest of us finished eating. All in all, not a very relaxing experience. And I am blaming ALL of it on the dogs! They aren't good for much else, but they make GREAT scapegoats.

J is worried they will catch a disease from eating the deer. I am worried they will get sick in the house, and D says if they get sick and die it is OK as long as it is done cheaply and quietly!

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