All of Us

All of Us

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New Car

Our Dodge Sprinter arrived today, delivered to my door, no less. It is one LARGE vehicle. At 102" high (8' 6") it is the SHORT version. It looked so tall that I made them give me the height measurement, since I live near a narrow one lane underpass that is only 11 feet high and I was worried I wouldn't be able to get under it!

The past few days have been miserable, between the amount of driving kids place to place, with 4 school open houses in addition to the usual activities, a husband who has had to work late 3 days out of 5 the past 2 weeks, and 3rd trimester fatigue combined with trouble sleeping kicking in.

The weather is also not helping--I hate hot weather! Who wished for this? Autumn is my favorite season--bring it on!

Tonight is book club again--we are reading "Hell at the Breech" this month. No one volunteered to hostess, so we are meeting at one of my favorite restaurants. A night off for me! Woohoo!

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