All of Us

All of Us

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Fretting and Worrying

This pregnancy, although going absolutely fine, has had me worried from the beginning. I have had a normal ultrasound, and declined any other tests. I am worrying about everything ranging from a genetic defect, cord accident, emergency during the birth, cleft palate, etc. I guess it is my age and the closeness of these 2 pregnancies that is preying on my mind.

Last week a friend who was 2 weeks before me had her baby via c-section at 30 weeks, 2.5 lbs. but breathing on his own and doing OK for now. She had HELLP syndrome, which is a severe form of preeclampsia. I just got a message today about a mother who delivered a stillborn 31 week old baby needing advice about drying up her milk. I am 30 weeks, 4 days today. I guess I need to just keep praying, both for a healthy baby and for peace of mind.

I am considering hiring a doula for the birth. Perhaps that will be a calming influence.

Meanwhile, I posted to this blog last night but it wouldn't publish for some reason, so I lost it. The entry was titled "The End of Summer" and basically said that we had an OK Labor Day weekend. It was too hot for me, and I spent Sunday not feeling well and very grouchy, but Monday D. and I planned a family end of summer celebration, which included lots of swimming, a badminton tournament, cookout, music and junk food. It was supposed to also include leftover fireworks and a bonfire with somemores, but it rained in the evening. The best part was, at the end of the day we covered the pool! Less worry for me, and less work for all of us, and less money being spent on chemicals! The pool is surrounded by trees and literally hundreds of leaves per day were falling into it--there is no way we can keep up with the vacuuming this time of year.

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