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All of Us

Monday, August 02, 2004

40 Today

My fortieth birthday seems an auspicious day for starting a blog. I've wanted to for a while, and here I am! A beastly hot and muggy day and a Monday. So far, in addition to creating this blog, I've taken the kids out to breakfast and done some yoga. Now on to locating a birthday cake for myself (too hot to bake) and go swimming. I've received the traditional call from my parents, which features them serenading me over the phone, as well as calls from 2 friends. Hanging up in the family room are 2 banners that my mother made for the surprise party thay my husband D and good friend L threw me a month ago, which she forgot to bring. She gave them to the kids yesterday on the sly to surprise me today. I also need to finish the thank you notes from that surprise party!


Strode said...

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Brithday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Paula.
Happy Birthday to you.

When I was a child my mom turned forty. My sister being a teen at the time thought it funny to celebrate by making her fortieth the Prune Face Birthday. My sister turned 40 in 1999. I sent her a cake and a box of plates with prunes drawn on them. I am quickly approaching my 40th too. So in my family's tradition,


Strode said...

C'mon Paula, don't back out now. Hop on in, the blogging's fine!

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